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Todd Hughes


Todd Hughes

Current Role: Expert for Vehicle Development and Engines
Country: Australia
Languages:  English
Contact: Contact Now


  • Mechanical Engineer, Australia: Engines, Vehicle Technologies, Motorcycles
  • Languages: English
  • Years of Experience: over 30

Todd started his automotive career at Reynard Racing cars in England as part of a graduate program, to peruse his dream to design and build his own super-car. He also worked on engine calibrations for Ford in Europe and Australia, General Motors Holden, Tickford, Prodrive. In 2001 road registered his first prototype two-seater sports that he designed and built. Recently he’s finished the design of his third car which he is building now with the aim to sell kit-car versions of it. In his teenage years he also developed a passion for off-road motorcycles and in his free time he rides his KTM 450 through the bush. He also enjoys running and rowing when there is not enough time for bike riding

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