Our Milestones


Ino8 was set up as a part time business by founder Frank Will to develop a low cost balance control system while working full time at Ford Motor Company of Australia. The motivation were a couple of near death experiences that he had while riding 2-wheelers like motorcycles and bicycles. While he was lucky and recovered well from the incidents, one of his neighbours was nor when he lost his head after hitting a rail post.


Received grant from Australian Government through COMET program for proof of concept of Safe8™ balance control system, previously known as SafeRide™


Invented first module of OVER8™ fuel saving invention, formerly known as OVER7™


First engineering contract with one of the world’s largest car manufacturers

Automotive Engineering Excellence Awards in Gold, SAE-Australasia


Received grant from Australian Government through Commercialisation Australia for proof of concept of the OVER8™ fuel saving technology


Popular Science Innovation Award, USA.

The Australian Innovation Challenge, category “Backyard Innovation”.


Ferchau Innovation Price, Germany, finalist.


Representation in China through Oxford University Innovation.


Established a presence in Germany by joining the Steinbeis network with the foundation of the Steinbeis Consulting Centre “Ino8 Germany”.


Invention of Intelligent Heat Management System

Representation in India through DigiPower Engineers.


First Patent granted for Intelligent Heat Management System


Certification of 6% CO2 reduction by SAIC – General Motors – Wuling

First OEM contract as independent expert witness


Invention of Intelligent Cylinder De-activation

First demonstration project with truck OEM


Representation in Japan through AutoAdrenaline

Foundation of Ino8 Greentech (Hong Kong) Limited


Production implementation of Intelligent Heat Management System


Invention of retrofittable air cleaning system


Invention of hi-density energy storage

Frank Will


Dr Frank S. Will

Current Role: CEO
Years of Experience:  Over 30
Phone: +61 402 904 293
E-mail: frank.will@ino8.com


  • Popular Science Invention Award 2012, USA
  • The Australian Innovation Challenge 2012, category “Backyard Innovation”
  • Fellow of the Society of Automotive Engineers Australasia (SAE-A)
  • Automotive Engineering Excellence Awards in Gold, Society of Automotive Engineers Australasia, 2011
  • Winner of the $50,000 I.T. Invention Test 2012, category “Best entry from a business in the Geelong region”, ICT Geelong
  • Victorian Engineering Excellence Awards – Chairman’s Recognition Award for Research & Development / Innovation from Engineers Australia, 2011
  • Deakin Universities Vice Chancellor Award for Outstanding Achievement in Research Innovation, 2011
  • Selected as a Finalist for Ferchau Innovation Price, Germany, 2013
  • Voted as a Finalist for Rolex Award 2012, Switzerland, out of 3,512 applications from 154 countries
  • Winner of two gold medals at the International Six Days Enduro
  • Winner of the Martin Weber Mountain Bike Cup

Frank Will supports vehicle manufactures, component suppliers, industry associations and individuals with engineering services, inventions and training. Franks automotive experience and –passion earned him the significant recognition and led the Society of Automotive Engineers Australia (SAE-A) to name him fellow of SAE-A. His passion for energy efficiency dates back from first oil crisis when the German Government introduced a ban to drive cars on selected Sundays. The drive to improve the safety of two-wheelers was inspired by several accidents that he luckily survived, unlike one of his neighbours who lost his head when he hit a guide post.

Frank founded Ino8 in 2006 when his previous employer Ford was not interest in his idea to develop a leaning car, efficient and fun like a motorbike but safe and comfortable like a car. So he invented Safe8™, an affordable balance control, which is an enabler for a new generation of leaning cars. When he completed his PhD project – while working as senior lecturer – Frank discovered several new opportunities to reduce exhaust emissions and fuel consumption. Business angel and mentor Bob Beaumont stated “Mr Will’s OVER7™ waste heat recovery technology is probably one of the most important automotive engine developments in Australia during the last decade due to its simplicity and substantial reduction in emissions and fuel consumption”.

Success Stories

  • Initiated calibration- and hardware changes resulting in lifetime fuel savings of 150 million litres per year production volume
  • Established real world fuel economy drive cycle in car manufacturer’s product development system
  • Holds 30 granted patents and many pending patent applications.
  • Established a new learning framework called Value Based learning (VBL) that creates real economic value during a unit by tackling currently unsolved problems. It results in inventions, the creation of new businesses and enhances student engagement and satisfaction.
  • Developed training about the process of systematic inventing to help anyone can make their own inventions
  • Developed and implemented a framework for business reengineering that lead to operational efficiency improvements of over 50% in several cases

Personal Insight

For over 20 years Frank competed in professional motor cycle racing starting with trials over grass track to Moto Cross, Super Cross and Enduro where he made many friends around the world. This brought him to Australia where he picked up surfing at the breaks around Bells Beach, while helping his wife raising four children with whom he enjoys sharing his passions. So a dream came true that he shared with one of his best friends who couldn’t do the same as he died of cancer aged 27.