RDE8™ is an engine control strategy that reduces NOx emissions
during real world driving.

Compared to conventional strategies, RDE8™ eliminates the risk for the engine control unit to be classified as a defeat device. RDE8™ consists of a number of individual modules that can be combined in various ways. Here are some benefits at a glance:
  • NOx emissions are reduced significantly during
    – Real world driving
    – Emission certification tests
  • Affordable, no hardware modifications are required for many engine types
  • Can be retrofitted to reduce the costs of expensive recalls
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions and fuel consumption is possible as well
  • Increases engine performance
  • Easy and quick calibration process
  • Applicable for all types of internal combustion engines, including diesel, petrol, LPG, CNG, etc.
  • Suitable for any powertrain configuration such as hybrid, manual or automatic transmission

Non-compliant engine control software can cost vehicle manufacturers billions of dollars in case it is classified as a defeat device. Until recently the main penalties for using defeat devices were the fines from regulators such as EPA or CARB, cost for the recalls and the image loss. However, recently that has changed with a number of class actions that are ongoing. Dieselgate is probably the worst example of the risks involved in engine control software development and optimisation. Here further financial losses arise from slumping share prices, fines for tax fraud, civil actions and class actions from investors for capital losses.

New regulations to significantly reduce CO2 emissions and NOx emissions at the same time create a conflict of objectives that is difficult to solve for many development team. To make things worse there are further growing market pressures like the increasing number of vehicle variants and configurations, varying fuel standards and -qualities across many markets, increasing powertrain complexity and the drive to reduce the development times and –costs. In light of these sprawling challenges, the chances are high that more mistakes creep with the result of further defeat devices, most likely without intention but just as a result of insufficient development resources.

To eliminate the risks of certain engine control systems to be considered a potential defeat device we’ve developed RDE8™ that reduces NOx emissions during real driving through novel engine control algorithms that are easy to adopt without the need for extensive calibration optimisations for each different engine.

Details are confidential due to the sensitive nature of this topic. Please contact us directly if you would like to have more information about RDE8™.