Invent8™ is a structured inventing process that
you won’t forget

With simple principles
Easy to remember
Can be applied in a systematic way
Will be utilised automatically in a subconscious way

In his youth Dr. Will became fascinated about inventions and how they improved the quality of life. So he studied Engineering at a German University, expecting that this course would provide the knowledge required to make important inventions. As a graduate he joined Ford Motor Company which provided further regular trainings in all sorts of areas, typically another 1 to 2 weeks per year over 18 years, he’s completed a MBA at Henley Management College in the UK and he completed a PhD in Australia. He certainly learned a lot during these courses and trainings. However, none of them taught a systematic method of how to make inventions. About a decade ago he came across a book that explained some simple principles how to make inventions. This changed his life and he became a serial inventor. Now he holds 12 granted patents and another 28 patent applications. Dr. Will has been teaching these principles at Deakin University with the effect that even the students with lower average marks were able to come up with patentable inventions.

The training will be delivered through the novel Value Based Learning™ (VBL) methodology that has been developed by Dr. Will. The purpose of this methodology is that learners can generate real value immediately through their learning process.

How do you

  • You can easily create your own inventions
  • You will reduce the dependence on your suppliers
  • You will become more competitive
  • You can license your own inventions
  • You will improve your brand image as innovation leader
  • The principles can be applied in any area including Product Development, Manufacturing, Marketing & Sales, etc.

There is a serious risk associated with this training: Some of the principles of this workshop are so simple that you will not forget them and your brain will apply them subconsciously in many different situations. This bares the risk that you will come up with a number of promising inventions in a relatively short time so that you will have more inventions than you might be able to deal with. So you should only attend this course if you have a strong character and the ability to prioritise the most promising inventions and to focus on the implementation on those.

Please get in touch with us to discuss your needs so we can propose a tailored solution.

Australian business might be eligible to receive up to 75% of the costs for this training through the Industry Skills Fund from the Australian Government.